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Last week, I was asked to knit something for a charity auction at Zed451 and I decided on this:

It’s a Herringbone Neck Warmer in Twinkle Soft Chunky Quartz. Find the pattern here (Ravelry link).

It sold to the highest bidder, Scott:It was a gift for his very lucky girlfriend. I gift wrapped it up for him using some yarn and this adorable tag I printed off Derya Davenport’s site. You can download the gift tags for free and she has other great wrapping goodies for sale. It makes your knitted gifts even more special when they come with coordinated wrapping. 🙂 Thanks Derya!

Also, Richard and I finally had a Saturday night to ourselves last weekend and we decided to take a dinner cruise. It was so fun to get dressed up!

We cruised the Odyssey off Navy Pier. It was fabulous.

We discovered that Richard is a better dancer than I am and we shared the most wonderful dinner. If you can find the time, I highly recommend a date on the Odyssey. They even put rose petals on the table if you’re celebrating your anniversary. SO romantic!

My last, and most rewarding, event that weekend was teaching my friend Chelsey to knit.

She’s left-handed, but she was more comfortable knitting the right-handed way, so we did that.

She knit a coin purse as her first project and she finished it in a day. She’s a very speedy knitter. Chelsey thinks it’s ridiculous that I took pictures of this occasion, but I explained to her that this day, the day she learns to knit, is a very significant day in her life, probably as important as her wedding day. Being a knitter will change you forever. She’s already moving on to her next project, a pink hat. I think she likes knitting.

Teaching someone to knit is the best gift you could ever give them.