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This weekend is Valentines Day, and I thought I would share with you a little something special that I do for Richard every year.

I knit him tiny hearts! I put them in his coat pockets, wallet, shoes, next to his toothbrush, etc. It’s my little way of reminding him that I love him and I’m thinking about him. This could work for anyone you care about, be it a close friend or a family member. Knit them up some love!

Here’s how to knit your own tiny heart:

Using any yarn and needle size, CO 2 sts.  (I used Cascade 220 Worsted Wool in Ruby and size 3 needles).

1st Row (right side): K into the front and back of the first stitch, K1. (3 sts)

2nd R0w and following even-numbered rows: Purl

3rd Row: K1, [M1, K1] twice. (5 sts)

5th Row: K2, M1, K1, M1, K2 (7 sts)

Rows 7, 9, 11: Continue increasing as established; one stitch before and after the center stitch.

13th Row: K6, Knit through the front and back of the center stitch, K6 (14 sts)

15th Row: SSK, K3, K2tog, turn. (5 sts)

Continue on these 5 sts only. Place last 7 stitches on stitch holder.

17th Row: SSK, K1, K2tog (3 sts)

18th Row: P3tog tbl.

Fasten off.

Next Row (right side): Rejoin yarn to inner end of remaining sts. SSK, K3, K2tog. (5 sts)

Next Row: Purl

Next Row: SSK, K1, K2tog. (3 sts)

Next Row: P3tog tbl.

Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Also, this week I knit a hat for my friend Tomoki. He’s here as a foreign exchange student from Japan and he has a Facebook Fan Page! Anyway, he wanted a hat with S@S embroidered on it. Here it is:

Many thanks to Heidi for modeling it for us! Doesn’t she look awesome? 🙂

In case you ever need to knit an “@” symbol, here’s the chart for mine:

Happy Knitting!