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Looking for something new to listen to while you knit? Check out Reel Pour!

This is one of my favorite podcasts! It is put on by 4 guys from Chicago, who love wine and movies. Every week, Andrew, Jason, Sam and Steve select one movie and one wine (often with related titles) and they discuss both.

I love listening to their podcast while I knit because it is funny and informative; and it’s really nice to take a break from music or TV for a while. This podcast allows me to mix it up every week.

The way they describe and taste the wine will make you wish you were sipping along. In fact, it is highly recommended that you pick up the featured wine before you tune in. They also put a lot of time and thought into their movie reviews. They discuss the whole movie, as well as the people behind it. If you’re afraid of spoilers, watch the movie first! Their insights, while sometimes unconventional, are always interesting and honest.

They always post their podcast on Monday afternoons on their website: http://www.reelpour.com.

Knitting on the go? You can download their podcast for free  from i Tunes.

This week’s podcast was:

Next week’s podcast will post on Monday, March 1st. It will feature:

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook Fan Page and feel free to invite your friends!