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Hawkeye: Margaret, wasn’t this potholder supposed to be a scarf?
Margaret: It hasn’t been a scarf in weeks. I’m knitting a sweater for a pilot I met in Tokyo.
– M*A*S*H (TV) (1980)

One of the greatest things about knitting is that I am completely in charge of whatever I make. I can start or abandon any project on a whim and feel zero guilt about it. In fact, I embrace these transition periods. Realizing I have lost interest in a project and then sinking my teeth into a new, more exciting project represents new beginnings for me.

These slight changes in my interests and moods can be traced through all the projects I have left behind. Some, I will renew interest in one day, and complete. Others will be rewound and knit into something else.  These are tiny pieces of the history of me; dreams I had for my yarn that have since changed or gone in a different direction.

These UFOs  represent the freedom I can allow myself, in this one sector of my life, that I  cannot have in any other. While the rest of the world lives crazy, demanding, unforgiving lives; knitters are able to find refuge in their creative abandon. We are freeborn, freehanded, and free-hearted.

I like freedom. It suits me.