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As my focus has once again shifted to the holiday season, I have been doing a LOT of “window shopping” for knitting supplies. I am always delighted to find beautiful and inspiring materials; but sometimes I fall in love with yarn and patterns I will never actually knit. Not because the pattern is too difficult, but because I’m just not that type of knitter.

For example, from Wool Hand Crafts’ Etsy Shop, I am loving this Hand Dyed Wool Sock Yarn in Blue-Gray.

I want to knit up a pair of Stormy Socks in this yarn, which is funny, because I have yet to finish a pair of socks in my knitting career (Second Sock Syndrome is no joke). I have embarked on at least 3 separate sock-knitting adventures and each has never resulted in more than one and a half socks. This is clearly proof that I am not a Sock Knitter.

When it comes to socks, the inspiration has never come to full fruition; but that has not stopped me from buying more sock yarn and casting on more new sock patterns.

I have even chosen the perfect sock pattern for this yarn: Caretta  Caretta by Alice Yu.

It’s a match made in heaven; if I was a sock knitter…