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I went to the library this week and I was delighted to come across a whole selection of knitting books at the Chinatown branch which were not there a couple weeks before. I did not order them and they are not new releases which has led me to suspect that there is another knitter in Chinatown.

Every time I realize I might be in the vicinity of a fellow knitter I become giddy with excitement and this is no exception. Now, whenever I go to the library, I rush to the knitting section and pop around the corner of the aisle in the hopes that I will run into this mystery knitter. This, of course, has not worked out so far, but the idea that I might meet this other knitter (who has fabulous taste in knitting books) remains an exciting one.

While I was in the knitting section, I picked up French Girl Knits by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes.

It was a delightful treat! This book has 18 inspiring, beautiful and flattering patterns.

The first thing that struck me when I flipped through the patterns was the shapes of the garments are curve friendly and there are a lot of empire waists. The garments are fitted and flattering on most women.

Upon further investigation, I realized the book features a lot of seamless construction and the patterns are full of unusual stitch patterns and knitting details, which I loved.

What is most wonderful about this book is the way the patterns inspire you.The unique garments in this book make you want to capture the French “Je ne sais quoi” in your knitting and in your daily wardrobe. They are truly romantic and refreshing.

The patterns range from Lace to Bulky weight yarn, so there is a project for everyone and they are really striking to behold. Some of these garments would stop traffic, they are so beautiful (if the people in traffic were mostly knitters), and others are casual and versatile enough to wear to a nice dinner or to the grocery store.

Here are a few of my favorite patterns from French Girl Knits:





These are beautiful, flattering, French-inspired knits. I want to knit them all!