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I have had a special project on my needles for a while and I thought I would share it with you: I am (slowly) knitting Textured Knots by Norah Gaughan!

Here’s my progress so far:

Here’s an Up Close and Personal look at the pattern.  It is a 32 Row repeat and it is in chart format, which I love because it is very easy to see where I am in the pattern on the chart. Also that makes this a half-page sized pattern which is very convenient for travel (not that blankets are ideal traveling knitting projects, but I am weird and drag the hugest of projects everywhere with me).

One of the things I love about knitting this blanket is the pattern looks very complicated, but it is very manageable once you get into it. I love knitting this blanket in public because so many people stop and want to touch it and ask me about it. It is an excellent project for inspiring non-knitters to take up knitting. 🙂 This blanket is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, because I am knitting it for myself and I have not given it a deadline. It will be done when it’s done, which is very freeing for my Type A self. I have never not had a deadline before, and I think I like it!!!

This is going to be a 25% larger blanket than the pattern calls for because I am knitting it in Berocco Comfort Chunky, but with the same amount of yardage. I hate blankets that are too small, so I am hoping this 25% increase will make it big enough.

I have run into a small issue with knitting this blanket: April. This is April:

April is my miniature dachshund, and she loves to suck on blankets. It has been quite the challenge to keep her away from this project as it grows. She tries her best to stay away, but blankets are a bit of an obsession for her.

Her brother, Alex, loves curling up under this blanket when I knit it, which makes it a little difficult to juggle…

In the end, I think the dog trouble is worth it… How can you get mad at dogs who appreciate a quality knit?