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Here it is!!!!

The FINISHED Knitter’s Handy Carry All by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence:

I SLAVED over this bag. The knitting was fun. I learned a ton about pockets and it went by really quickly. The one down-side to this bag is it requires A LOT of sewing to get it all put together. And I really don’t know how to sew, nor do I like sewing.

Here are my Pros and Cons for this pattern:


Easy and fun to knit

Learned a lot about pockets

Awesome design; it’s REALLY well thought out.




I hate Sewing

The original color options for this kit were not super attractive.

When I finally finished this bag, I felt two things:

1) Pride.

2) I will never knit another one of these again because I hate all the sewing.

Using this bag, however, has stymied that second thought quite a bit. I really love USING this bag! It’s so well thought-out in it’s construction. I was softening to the idea of knitting another one, and then I saw it:

A whole year later, Knitpicks has new kits. And BETTER COLORS!!!! While I cannot fathom how I will survive a second round of all that sewing, but I also cannot imagine life without another one of these bags. In Lime Green. It’s really the perfect knitting bag for me. Just let me take a few months to get up the courage to do all that sewing again…