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There’s a new magazine online for knitters and crocheters: Tangled.

Tangled is a magazine which describes itself as “Proud to Be Bi-Craftual” which is a reference to their patterns and content being equally divided among Knitting and Crochet. I have mixed feelings about this. As a knitter who only learned basic crochet so I can knit patterns which use crochet embellishments and edgings, when I hear that it’s only half about knitting, I am immediately wary. It can be very disappointing when you see a project that you like and then you look closer and realize that it’s crochet. However, not wanting to be quick to judge, I decided to check them out anyway.

I’m glad I did.

They have just released their Premiere Issue :Fall 2010 and I already found a couple patterns which interested me.  Here are my favorites:

Orange Twist by Marina Orry

Acacia by Talitha Kuomi

Ponder by Talitha Kuomi

They also had an article about TARN (t-shirt yarn) and a cool project to make with Tarn in this issue, which was really fun. 🙂

There are not a lot of projects in Tangled compared to other Online Knitting Magazines, but the projects they have are unique and of good quality, which is more important to me.

Will this become one of my new favorite magazines? The jury is still out. I would like to see more articles: designer interviews, yarn reviews, techniques, etc. However, if the quality of their projects continues to be this good,  it will become a staple in my knitting library.

For now, I’d say they’re worth checking out and I will keep them on my radar in the months to come.