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Every Knitter, at one time or another, will come across a pattern that absolutely takes their breath away. You’ll see it and then you will just know that it must be yours. You want to cast it on immediately and you know that it will be A-MAZ-ING when you are done.

There’s just one problem. The pattern is not in English and a translation cannot be found anywhere.

This pattern, is THAT pattern for me:

This is Coeurs et Flocons by La Droguerie (roughly translated, it’s called Hearts and Snowflakes). It’s a pattern that I will dream about for years to come, but I will never be able to knit. I cannot read French knitting patterns and I can’t even imagine how French Knitting Language most likely differs a great deal from American knitting.

For me, this pattern will never BE. But that does not mean I can’t stare at it for hours each winter anyway. 😉

Do you have a Pattern That Got Away? Feel free to share in the comments.