I woke up at 8am to a winter wonderland. The snow really came down last night and we are officially snowed in. No one is going anywhere soon.

Here is a video of the snow coming down right now:

I have found my plans to do nothing but knit today were foiled by the storm. I could not send Richard out to shovel alone, so we suited up and went out to battle the snow drifts together. We shoveled a ton of snow, but it’s still coming down so fast that when you shovel 10 ft of sidewalk and turn around, what you just shoveled is covered in snow again. I will have to put down my knitting a lot because we will have to shovel snow all day.

Yep. That’s my car.

Here is a video tour of my neighborhood, the drifts are 3-5 ft deep in some places:

Between shoveling sessions, Richard and I plan to stay in, drink wine, eat fabulous food, and watch movies today. I will be knitting a special free pattern for Valentine’s Day that will post on the blog soon. Maybe I’ll give you a sneak peek later if the lighting permits it.