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I know I usually do a theme like Robots or Boxes, but today I was just loving everything blue. So we’re doing a blue theme instead. 🙂

Here’s what I’m loving this week:

Starflower Flake by Thea Eschliman

Sade by Julia Temiseva

Splash of Blue by Suvi Simola

SARGASSO Handspun Yarn /Blue Faced Leicester and Tussah Silk by Sheeping Beauty

Sock or Lace Turquoise Mobius Ring Stitch Markers by Twiceshearedsheep

Owl – Sterling and Porcelain Stitch Marker by spindlecatstudio

Ultramarine – Merino Yarn Fine Lace weight by Dyeforwool

Honey’s Ruffle by Susan Barstein

What are you loving this week? Feel free to blast your favorites in the comments below. 🙂