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Here’s my Valentine’s Day Knit Gift Guide for 2011! This Gift Guide was put together using the assumption that the gift could be completed in a week, so you will notice there are no sweaters or lengthy projects. I hope you enjoy this guide and please leave any other knit gift ideas you have in the comments section below. 🙂

For the Ladies in your life…

Sweetheart by Erin Archer


Chunky Ribbed Hat by Natalya Berezynska

Woolmint Romantic Lace Gloves by Anniki Leppik


Cobblestone Cowl by Topher Auyeung


For the Men in your life…

Corbin by Vanessa Smith


Quest for a Man by Laura Nelkin


Pavement by Jared Flood


Socks with Pints On by SpillyJane

For Little Ones…

Checkers Earflap Hat by Kathryn Ashley-Wright


Katy’s Gloves by Suzanne Lander


Dinosaur Mittens by Nona Davenport


Loved by Talitha Kuomi


For the Furry Ones…

Kiss the Pooch Dog Collar by Deirdre Lean McGrath


Rope Toy by Emily Williams


Perfect Fit Top Down Dog Sweater by Jessika Ava


Pet Snuggler by Vicki Mikulak


Catnip Bunny by Selina Kyle

Happy Knitting Everyone! And feel free to comment on your favorite patterns from this collection in the comments below. 🙂