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We went to the Chicago Auto Show last night. The show was pretty good but we noticed there weren’t a lot of concept cars this year. Infiniti had the best concept car by far. Here’s the Infiniti Essence:

This car is so cool! Unfortunately, they have no plans to ever produce this one.

I caught Richard climbing into the trunk of this car:

He says he was checking out the trunk space. I think he was hiding from all the salesmen that kept following us around trying to sell us cars.

Speaking of trunks, we noticed this in a GM vehicle:

That is the emergency trunk release. Notice that the person is RUNNING after escaping from trunk in this little diagram.  What is GM implying about their customers?

They had a lot of Camaros this year and a few Shelby GT 350s. Richard and Jim spent a lot of time checking out the Shelbys.

We saw a LOT of tiny cars. The Smart Cars were a disappointment for me. They looked really cute but when you got in them, they felt really cheap. I also got into every competitors’ versions of the Toyota Yaris and I can say with confidence that Toyota wins that category. No contest. Here’s a cute Fiat we saw and liked:

Who makes chairs that you can’t sit in? These chairs were stupid. You just slid right out of them.

It’s been a tradition for my Dad and I to go together for as long as I can remember. I love you Dad!

After the show, we went home and hung out. Richard and Jim had an impromptu jam session.

I was really happy to get back to my knitting. I hadn’t knit a stitch all day yet.

Isn’t it beautiful? I love this afghan so much; I don’t know how I will ever give this away as a gift. I will be so sad to see it go. 😦

April stopped by to see what I was knitting. I think she thinks this afghan is for her.

Alex made a brief appearance as well.

Overall it was a fun day. Did you go to the Auto Show this year?