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Have you ever had this happen to you? You’re walking along and a stranger passes by with the most delicious knit item you’ve ever seen. It steals your heart and you wish, more than anything, that it was yours. But. Before you even have a chance to snap a photo or sketch it out, the stranger, and your dream knit, have walked out of reach…

I was walking through Navy Pier today when I spotted a girl wearing a gorgeous mohair cap. The cap was pale violet, and it had the most intriguing structured stitch pattern. It was truly love at first sight and I will be dreaming about this hat for weeks.

It was so beautiful that it inspired this week’s Knit Love theme. So. Here’s what I’m loving in the mohair category this week:

Tequila Sunrise by Isabelle Brem fur Maschenkunst


Pink Dream by Rumina


Purple Mohair Honey Comb Shawl by Trendy Knitting


Morning Dew by Diana Rozenshteyn



Cloud by Ewelina Murach


Alabaster Mohair Yarn by Pancake and Lulu


What are you loving this week?