1. Recently someone I love very much had a baby boy named Clark.

2. He is REALLY cute.

3. I have been trying to knit for this tiny man all month but am feeling the pressure because:

a) He is already here = My gifts are late.

b) He lives in Alaska and I have NO IDEA how long my tiny gifts will take to get there.

c) His mother is a knitter, so a simple basket weave baby blanket just isn’t going to be good enough.

4. Here are some patterns I have been considering using:

Blanket Buddy by Mary Anne Thompson 

Immie Baby Blanket by Carrie Bostick Hoge

Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down

Sprout Blanket by Hanna Breetz

5. Do you have any good baby boy knitting patterns I should know about?

6. I began a hat for little Clark yesterday and it turned out like this:

7. I was so surprised when I finished knitting it and turned it right side out. The conversation went something like this:

Me: What? How? It’s Backwards? WTF??? (insert favorite curse words here)

Richard looks over tentatively to assess how bad the situation is. He knows knitting emergencies can get ugly.

Richard: “Well. It will look right in the mirror. Then he can read his name.”

Me (glaring): “That is NOT okay.” I continue to stare in horror at the offending hat.

Richard (laughing): “Is this baby dyslexic?”

I glared at Richard, put down the hat, and cast on some pom pom baby shoes to take the edge off.

8. The Pom Pom Baby Shoes turned out really cute.

9. I am meeting the Yarn Harlot today. I am SO EXCITED!

10. I am REALLY concerned about what the heck I’m going to wear. I know it’s silly, but I can’t help it.

11. I wonder if I should ask her to sign ALL my Yarn Harlot books, or just stick to the new one?

12. Richard and I are probably going to leave really early because I want to get a good seat for her talk.

13. I haven’t told him this yet, but Richard is probably going to be the only non-knitter there. I hope he’s prepared….

Talk to you soon,