I have been knitting up a storm for baby Clark lately, and as is usually the case, I have another dilemma. Here is a little something I knit him:

After I lovingly stitched this up, I proudly presented it to Richard so he could tell me how fabulous it is. Instead, he told me it looks spooky. This confused me because I knit it exactly to the pattern specifications. It’s the Blanket Buddy by Mary Ann Thompson See? They look the same! Do they look spooky? Do I need to add a mouth? Or would it be less spooky if the eyes were black? I appreciate any knitterly advice you can offer.

In other news, Clark’s mom is a saint and she wants me to send his dyslexic hat to him just the way it is.

Now I’m casting on a special anniversary gift for a friend while watching Rachel Zoe on QVC. Can’t wait to show you all!